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The key to effective resources is easy access. Quite simply, we provide students with the help they need, when they need it. To ensure that he or she receives fast, helpful, efficient, and convenient access to benefits, AffinityCare has implemented the Member Advocate Process.

It is difficult enough for a student to reach out for help, let alone do all the follow-up work required to receive care. Most on-campus services require the student seeking help to schedule an appointment and meet in-person with a counselor to access services during business hours. This can be a time-consuming, inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing process for a troubled student, often resulting in a failure to follow through with the care he or she needs, or never seeking help in the first place. With ASAP, the Member Advocate Process ensures this doesn't happen.

The Member Advocate Process provides student 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year access to master's-level clinicians who conduct comprehensive assessments, provide recommendations for addressing their specific issues, and when needed, will schedule face-to-face appointments. When clinically indicated, the Member Advocate identifies the most qualified network provider either immediately through CareScheduler or by instructing the provider to call the member/student to schedule an appointment. The Member Advocate then closes the loop by placing a follow-up call to the student to ensure the services are satisfactory and address any additional issues. Member Advocates will also recommend counseling and other resources available through the student's educational institution whenever those service options are appropriate.

These services include:
  • 24-Hour ASAP line answered live by a master's-level clinicians.
  • Unlimited Phone Consultation & Assessment on how to address a host of personal and behavioral health issues and concerns.
  • Face-to-Face Counseling with a licensed network provider.
  • Resource and Educational materials that address the student's specific needs.

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