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AffinityCare Inc. was created to meet the unique and increasingly complex issues facing businesses and organizations that are committed to competing and thriving in competitive markets.

Our mission is to create and administer exceptional products and services that help individuals and families live their personal and work lives to the fullest. Knowing the importance of the services we provide, we only work with the very best providers that we know share our commitment to providing exceptional care and assistance to our clients.

To meet our customers requirements, we leverage our 20 plus years of experience delivering services to employer and affinity groups. We have preferred vendor relationships with leading, diverse specialty service providers nationally and internationally to meet the needs of our customers.

We offer ASAP because we know there is a real need to provide students and their families a safety net when students are away at college. Although there are frequently a number of resources available to students and parents, they are not always easy to access, and in some situations difficult to use for a number of reasons. Our commitment is to be the one resource that parents and students know is available 24/7 when they need a compassionate professional to provide support and assistance for any concern, large or small.

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