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Providing Answers For Daily Living Concerns When Away From Home

Parents try to prepare their students with everything they will need for college, knowing beforehand the task is a tough one. We can help. Our WorkLife counselors and proprietary website provide answers to everything from fast meals to repairing the kitchen sink.

These specialists have immediate access to nearly a million providers nationwide in childcare, pet care, health care, convenience services, and more. Students can reach them through our toll-free Member Advocate Line or via the web.

Who Are Our "WorkLife Counselors"?

Our WorkLife Counselors are uniquely poised to respond to your student's needs based on their outstanding educational credentials and professional experience. At a minimum, a Counselor must have a Bachelor's degree in the field of early childhood development, geriatrics, education, social work, developmental disabilities, counseling or social services. Many Counselors have a Master's degree in their field and licensing in social work. In addition, counselors have at least three years of experience in a child, elder and/or other counseling field. Each Counselor is also familiar with a wide range of care resources and is adept at conducting customized searches for the best possible solutions for work-life problems. Counselors have the capability of communicating with members in English, Spanish, and other languages.

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