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Legal & Financial Benefits

Legal and Financial Consultation from qualified professionals on topics ranging from traffic accidents to debt consolidation is provided at no charge.

Almost every major life event—a car accident, rent dispute or credit card application—can involve legal and/or financial questions that a student is not prepared to answer. AffinityCare's National Network of more than 24,000 attorneys and financial experts provides immediate help on a wide range of topics, and includes emergency contact with a local attorney during evenings and weekends.

Each student receives an initial thirty-minute office or telephone consultation with an attorney or mediation expert on an unlimited number of topics at no cost. A 25% rate reduction will be given if the member wishes to retain the attorney or mediator. Assistance in virtually all types of legal topics and disputes is provided.

All attorneys must have:
  • Verification of 5 years in practice
  • Good standing with State Bar Association
  • Submission of current license
  • Proof of malpractice and general liability insurance
  • Execution of Service Agreement and Provider Profile
Services Include:
  • Free 30-minute telephonic advice per legal or financial issue, with unlimited issues per year;
  • 25% discount when retaining attorney;
  • Practical answers quickly to most legal and financial problems; and
  • Answers a lay person can understand on complex legal issues.

Legal & Financial Resources

AffinityCare benefits package includes resources above and beyond expert clinical counseling. One of our most popular non-clinical services is Legal Consultation to address complicated issues such as auto accidents, or other unexpected legal issues that may require a local attorney.

Our network of more than 24,000 local attorneys and financial experts provides immediate access to legal services, including an emergency after hour toll free telephone number.

Note: The Student Plus Family Assistance options gives parents access to financial and legal consultation plus discounts for non-college related matters.

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