10 Affirmations to Calm College Student Stress

Posted August 28th, 2009 by Maria Pascucci and filed in College Grad to Student, Stress

Campuscalm.com’s spotlights’ college stress awareness with ’10 Affirmations to Calm College Student Stress’. ¬†Post this page of tips in your college room to help you stay focused on healthy ways to help relieve stress. ¬†Follow the link at http://www.studentassistanceplan.com/pdfs/10_affirmations.pdf

One Response to “10 Affirmations to Calm College Student Stress”

  1. Michael says:

    The better I kept myelsf organized and on schedule with school work, etc. the less stressed I would be. I had set study times and didn’t allow myelsf to procrastinate.I took me time as much as I could, even though it was hard to do. I had to make it a priority. I started doing yoga half-heartedly a few years before I went to school but once in school I forced myelsf to do it more often and to become better at it. I also took and extra class at school Tai Chi. Another semester I took Fitness Walking. Both good ways to force myelsf to keep a schedule.I also started meditating, and as cheesy as it sounds, using positive thinking and imagery of myelsf attaining my goals. But it worked, all these things combined. My last year of school I was a LOT less stressed and felt good.Good luck to you!