Learn how to Take Charge of Your Mental Health

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Campus Calm had the opportunity to speak with Ross Szabo, our Mental Health Survival expert about ways to reduce the stigma surrounding student mental health. Szabo is ithe Director of Youth Outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign (NMHAC).

Ross SzaboHe seeks to use his personal experience with mental disorders to raise awareness and provide a positive example for young people nationwide. After he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 16, Ross was hospitalized in his senior year of high school for wanting to take his own life. Ten months later, he was forced to take a medical leave of absence from American University and was hospitalized again due to a relapse. Ross returned to American University in the fall of 2000 and began to use his broad understanding of mental health to educate others. Ross graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in psychology from American University with honors in May of 2002.

Ross has recently written a book titled, Behind Happy Faces; Taking Charge of Your Mental Health: A Guide for Young Adults.

Campus Calm asked Ross a series of questions regarding mental health on campus. Read the questions and his response here.

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