25 Ways to Stress Less…

Posted December 1st, 2009 by Maria Pascucci and filed in College Grad to Student, Stress
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StressedWhen you’re stressed, it’s so tempting to reach for that cigarette, chill out with a beer, or ransack the Oreo’s. We’ve been taught to be a consumerist culture, after all. Marketers spend billions of dollars each year to make sure we know that there’s a product out there waiting to fix all our problems. While there’s nothing wrong with businesses spending money to educate the public about their products and services, there is plenty wrong with manipulating the public, especially young people, into believing that stress management can be bought. True stress management happens when students are empowered with the knowledge that they are in charge of their own destinies, including how they manage their stress.

We cannot solely blame advertising and absolve ourselves from responsibility as passive victims. Think about it. How many of us grew up observing how the adults around us managed stress? ┬áDid we adopt the same practices? Do we reach for a beer to unwind after class or work? Do we light up a cigarette to calm our nerves before a big exam or job interview? Do we turn to ice cream when we’re feeling lonely or bored? Do we rely on caffeine to rev us up during the day and sleeping pills to calm us down at night? Do we want to pass those types of coping skills down to our future children? Don’t we want to create a better way?

If you want to stop turning to addicting products to help you manage your stress, help is here! My interns, Kristen Szustakowski, Mike Madril, Colleen Kersten and I created a laundry list of our favorite ways to manage stress … before you reach for that cigarette, beer, late or pint of Cherry Garcia. If you have your own stress-less ideas, send them to maria@campuscalm.com.

Follow the link to read the 25 Stress Tips www.campuscalm.com/25_stresstips.html

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