A Shout Out to Hospitable Parents

Posted December 20th, 2009 by collegemomindebt and filed in Parent to Parent
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New Orleans houseWhen daughter number one was transitioning between college and graduate school she opted to go to New Orleans, a city where we didn’t know anyone. She insisted on going straight from college graduation to New Orleans. She was to have a job starting in six weeks and would be in school at Tulane University and living off school loans in two and a half months. But in the meantime, she had no money, no job and nowhere to live. A week before she was to fly to the new city, she asked one of her college professors to contact a church in the city to ask if a family from the church could provide temporary housing. A family responded to the request.

I am so thankful to this family. They provided her a room at no cost for six weeks. They fed her, befriended her, helped her get temporary work at the church as a secretary and helped her transition to her job and housing at a non-profit organization and helped her transition from college life to graduate school life.

This family started as strangers and became friends. Their generosity and kindliness has been an inspiration to our daughter and to our whole family. Now when we get calls to help a student who is coming to our town, we respond positively because we remember that this student is someone else’s child who needs a caring family to help him/her make a transition.

Thank you to those who take in strangers and care for them as though they were family!

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