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I am College Mom in Debt.  I am 48 years old.  

Both my husband and I were the first generation in each of our families to secure a four year college education.  I remember the sacrifices my parents made to get me to and through college.  And my husband remembers the personal sacrifices he made as he made his own way through while in the military and after completing military service. 

Together my husband and I are paying it forward as we support the next generation in getting four year degrees.   We have succeeded in getting one daughter through college, have one in college and have one who will go to college in about seven years.

And yes, we are in debt over the endeavor of helping finance our daughters’ educations, but we consider it good debt as our oldest is already independent and finding her own ways to pay it forward.

I am writing about my experiences and observations in the AffinityCare Student Assistance Plan in hopes that other parents and their students will be helped by them.

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Miss RunningStartHello, I am Miss RunningStart. I am a senior in high school. I am registered at a small public high school focused on math and science in the Seattle area. Athough I am a high schooler, I have been taking fulltime college courses as a Running Start student at a local community college for a year.

Running Start allows high school students to not only graduate with their high school diploma but also an AA/AS/AB. Washington State pays for up to 18 credits a quarter for junior and senior high school students enrolled in the Running Start Program.  Washington State has offered the program since 1990. It is well accepted at most private and public universities in the United States. In fact my older sister wishes she had done it because the private college she attended in the midwest accepts running start credits.

I am planning on applying to Whitworth University, a small private college in Spokane, WA, for my junior and senior years to get a BA in early childhood education.

I am a member of AffinityCare Student Assistance Program and am happy to share some of my experiences in this Student to Student blog.

I welcome comments and feedback.