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ASAP's Benefit to Colleges, Universities and Other Educational Institutions

Educational institutions frequently provide significant support to students experiencing behavioral health problems. The challenge is that not all students believe their problems warrant being seen by an on campus counselor or medical professional and as a result does not seek help when problems are most easily resolved. Sometimes the student wants help but is just too embarrassed to schedule an appointment.

Partnering with ASAP, you can provide your students with an easy to access professional resource 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Masters level counselors are always available to talk about any concern, large or small. We make asking for help easy and safe. We partner with the colleges and universities we work with to remove the stigma sometimes associated with asking for assistance. Students are encouraged to call about whatever concerns them, and they can remain anonymous if they prefer.

Partnering with You

ASAP will work with your institution to tailor the service in whatever way will best support your existing programs and desired enhancements. Our staff will know what services you have available on campus and will encourage students to utilize those services whenever appropriate. Your on campus counseling staff and faculty can always refer students to ASAP when they believe that our services would supplement the support already being provided.

Our goal is the same as yours. We want to ensure that every student has a safe place to turn for help when they are dealing with difficult personal challenges.

Cost Effective Alternative

Providing comprehensive services to students on campus can be costly. AffinityCare ASAP provides an opportunity to expand coverage at a cost typically less than what it costs to expand on-campus services. Call us to discuss potential cost savings.

Did You Know*

When students were asked in a survey about personal experiences for the past school year:

  • 63.3% of students said they had felt hopeless at least once*
  • 93.2% felt overwhelmed at least once*
  • 45% reported feeling so depressed at least once the prior school year that it was difficult to function*
  • 9.8% reported seriously considering suicide at least once during the school year*
  • 1.5% reported attempting suicide at least once during the past school year*
  • 63% of college counseling directors say their primary concern is a growing demand for services without a corresponding increase in resources (USA Today, Sept. 9, 2007)

* (Data from the National College Health Assessment, Spring 2007)

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