College student and family

AffinityCare Family Assistance

This level of service give you as parents access to assistance with issues that don't involve the covered student. Included is everything in the Core Student Assistance model, but with this option you can also access services for non-student related issues.

Family Services can include the following.

  1. 24-Hour Help Line - Family members have access to specialists for help with WorkLife, legal, financial and clinical issues.
  2. Personalized Resource Materials— Reinforcement for each consultation by providing members with informative materials, including educational literature that address the special needs of the employee as identified through the phone consultation.
  3. Assessment and Consultation— Unlimited telephonic consultation with masters-level counselors and up to three short-term, in-person counseling sessions for assessment, problem solving, and referrals to resources.
  4. National Network— Provider network coverage from anywhere in the United States (Currently more than 23,000 providers network)
  5. Legal Consultation Services— Guidance for members with legal issues such as will preparation, divorce, automobile accidents, and many other issues:
    1. Free 30 minute face-to-face or telephonic consultation with local attorney or mediator (per issue)
    2. 25% discount on services if attorney or mediator is retained
    3. Access to over 13,000 attorneys nationwide
    4. Access to over 6,000 mediators nationwide
  6. Financial Consultation Services— Assistance in managing inheritance or estate taxes, retirement fund rollovers or transfers, and general tax or investment questions:
    1. Free 30-60 minute financial planning or counseling session with professional financial staff (per issue)
    2. Free 30 minute tax planning and tax consultations with CPA or enrolled agent (per issue)
  7. WorkLife Services— Telephonic and web-based assistance with child care, elder care, adoption, and other life events. Based on the information provided during the telephonic consultation, a WorkLife Consultant researches each member's WorkLife concern to identify the most appropriate resources for addressing the member's concern. WorkLife services cover these and other topics:
    1. Adoption
    2. Adult Care
    3. Child Care
    4. Early Childhood Education
    5. Event Planning
    6. Health & Wellness
    7. Higher Education
    8. Human Services
    9. Pet Care
    10. School-age Programs
  8. Online Resources— Provide comprehensive web site that includes:
    1. Relevant, focused, proprietary resources in the categories of My Family, My Health, My Time and My Money
    2. Proprietary databases to search childcare, home health care, nursing homes, residential care, schools, colleges, health clubs, veterinarians and pet services. Over 1,000,000 providers
    3. Resources for college, school planning and adoption
    4. Behavioral health content developed exclusively for AffinityCare by the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Pennsylvania
    5. Over 3,000 proprietary dependent-care topic sheets, health-related articles, and reference links
    6. Extensive library of text and video content including health, medical, and lifestyle
    7. Personalized health assessments and action plans
    8. Healthy living tips of the day
    9. Online Concierge and Convenience services including Household, Dining, Travel, Tourist & City, Entertainment, Sports & Recreation, and Shopping. Also includes Most Frequently Asked Questions for major metropolitan areas

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