Mother and Daughter on Campus

Practical Help for Life's Challenges

What parent doesn't dread a 2 a.m. call when a child is away at college?

Benefits to Parents

AffinityCare can ease the anxiety all of us feel when the child we spend our lives raising leaves to lay a foundation for his or her life. We provide confidential telephone, internet and face-to-face access to a Master's-level clinician, wellness resources, legal and financial advice, and immediate help in times of crisis - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Parents can call at any time to discuss concerns they may have in relation to their sons or daughters. However, to respect confidentiality, without written permission, we can not disclose information to the parent, regarding whether their son or daughter has called us or what the student may have shared with us. Conversely, without written permission, we can not disclose information to the student, regarding whether a parent or guardian has called us or what the parent or guardian may have shared with us. We respect the confidentiality of each individual of the family who contacts us equally, regardless of who is paying for the plan.

The Student Plus Family Assistance option also gives parents access to professional assistance not only for issues related to the student, but also with personal and family concerns unrelated to the college students. This includes access to financial and legal consultation plus legal discounts for non-college related matters.

Benefit to Your College Age Student

Our service providers have extensive experience providing behavioral health, substance abuse services and other assistance that increase the quality of life for the individuals we serve. For the price of a pair of designer jeans or a couple of video games, you can give your student these important resources for a year.

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We also offer a separate identity theft assistance program.

ID Theft AssistWhen a parent buys this product, all family members are covered, including college students under the age of 24. Credit monitoring is available for one person under the Family Service rate, and monitoring for additional family members may be purchased at a discounted rate.

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